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We’re Not Alone: Our Pets Have Diabetes Too

Always make sure you discuss any medications or health questions with your Veterinarian. Photo courtesy of Little River Vet Clinic   We’re currently running an ad on 98.5 The Sports Hub regarding pets and diabetes. We’ve received several calls and emails about the ad so I decided to post a blog on the subject. Please …
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The Top 4 Reason Diabetics Have Extra Test Strips and Lancets

This question gets brought up a lot and it’s important to revisit and clarify. It’s one of the main questions we get asked. Why do people have extra test strips… especially if they’re prescribed? Before we discuss the Top 4 reasons there’s a few elephants in the room to be addressed. Some people think that …
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Causes Behind the Fluctuating Prices of Diabetic Test Strips

Why are the rates for diabetic test strips constantly changing? Good question. Although every market has its fluctuations, the market for diabetic testing supplies has shown major instability in the recent past. With diabetes becoming so prevalent there is a continually increasing demand for testing supplies. In turn, there should be hundreds of manufacturers competing …
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Life or Death: Creating a Diabetes Survival Kit

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” ~Benjamin Franklin Quite amazingly, many Americans still have no idea what diabetes is or the threats it poses every day to those struggling with the disease. Most still consider it “a small sugar problem,” which infuriates people to no end. While this blog is more …
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Is It Safe to Buy Glucose Test Strips in Vials?

Glucose test strips are very expensive. In terms of health, they’re also a necessity for anyone with diabetes. Accurate monitoring of diabetes is critical to avoid the dozens of health complications caused by the disease. Many Americans have started to look for cheaper ways of obtaining test strips, lancets, and other supplies. While there are …
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Obamacare and Its Impact on Diabetes

“The 9 most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’” ~Ronald Reagan Here’s the question: Has the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) had a positive or negative impact on Americans living with diabetes? It’s easy to digress on this question, but I’d like to focus on the …
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U.S. School’s Lack of Care for Children with Type 1 Diabetes

There’s no question that caring for students with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is a difficult process for many schools. It’s a complex disease with potentially life-threatening consequences if not managed properly. Even if school nurses are trained to aid students suffering from the disease, it can still be a scary task. But that does not …
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The Cost of Diabetes – Finding Affordable Test Strips

This blog is based on an article from Diabetes Forecast Magazine – July/August 2015 “Stripped Down Savings – How to Cut the Cost of Blood Glucose Strips” This article from Diabetes Forecast is infuriatingly inaccurate, misleading, and useless. But before I that statement I just want to say that Diabetes Forecast is a great magazine …
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Type 1 Diabetes and Preventing Insulin Shock at Night

I had night terrors when I was a kid, but for people with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), the greatest night terror is the risk of Hypoglycemia while sleeping. Hypoglycemia is a drop in blood sugar that can lead to Insulin Shock, which can result in death. New technology is continually helping People With Diabetes (PWDs) …
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