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What is Brittle Diabetes?

Today’s Blog starts with a Type of Diabetes I didn’t even know existed, and develops into a discussion about recent updates in Islet Cell Transplantations (ICT). As with all types of diabetes, Brittle diabetes is known by several other names (labile diabetes and unstable diabetes). They’re all terms used to describe uncontrolled Type 1 diabetes …
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America: Ignorant or Indifferent to Diabetes Epidemic?

I’m convinced. Most Americans are clueless about diabetes. Whether it’s ignorance or indifference (until they get diagnosed), they don’t understand the disease or the threats it poses to our health, our economy, or our future. Apparently the word “Epidemic” doesn’t seem to register. I’ve written about this in the past. Diabetes is not “a little …
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Choosing the right blood glucose meter (BGM) is essential to managing your diabetes. It’s important to understand that while your PCP or Endocrinologist is there to help advise you, the decision on which meter is completely based on your personal preference. It’s vital to understand that you’re the one who has diabetes and it’s ultimately …
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Price of Diabetes Test Strips Will Continue to Increase

Despite new breakthroughs in manufacturing glucose test strips, the cost for diabetes supplies continues to increase. The global Blood Glucose Self-Monitoring (BGSM) market was worth 8.8 billion in 2011, and is continuing to explode. With demand continually increasing, there should be hundreds of manufacturers competing for market share, thus driving the prices down. But over …
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Mobile Prescription Therapy: A Lazy and Dangerous Approach to Diabetes Management

Mobile Prescription Therapy (MPT) uses smartphones and other devices to essentially advise you on managing your diabetes. I thought that’s what an Endocrinologist or PCP was for, but what do I know? I know the FDA is using people with diabetes (PWDs) as guinea pigs for this new ‘therapy’. You need a prescription for MPT …
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5 New Innovations in Diabetes Technology – Benefits and Warnings

Progress in diabetes technology can seem a bit slow at times, but the 5 products below should be available in the U.S. by the end of 2014. 1. Dario DMS Pocket Pal (LabStyle Innovations) Diabetes can be very restrictive for people who are constantly on the move. Even if you’re not taking insulin, you still …
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101 Industry Experts – Teststripz Executive Spotlight: Diabetes Management Services

I’ve come to realize that there’s still confusion about what our company actually does. I’m hoping this will clarify any questions about how our business operates and what drives us. We were recently interviewed by Worldwide Who’s Who about that very question. It was gratifying when they chose to publish our interview in the Top …
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Impact of Competitive Bidding on Accessing Test Strips and Diabetes Supplies

Imagine if the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) implemented a new program aimed at sparking some competition among heart surgeons. Past Medicare reimbursements for heart surgery would be done away with, and a new system would be created to help lower Medicare costs. All heart surgeons were asked to submit bids on the …
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Recommerce and the New Market for Affordable Diabetes Supplies

It’s time to stop deluding ourselves. The government has no plan or solution to make Universal Healthcare affordable or sustainable. Nothing rational at least. But we have some ideas. For one, an alternative market for diabetes supplies has been established. Look at the increasing sales for these supplies on eBay, Amazon, and online stores (but …
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