Frequently asked questions about reselling unused diabetes testing supplies


The test strips are resold for up to 85% less than retail prices, making them affordable for those not covered by insurance.

Yes. Any product that can be purchased over the counter at a pharmacy can be legally resold, even if the product was originally prescribed.

We do not require a minimum number of boxes and ask that you sell only what you do not need. For orders over $1,000 we ask that you Contact us directly rather than submitting an online sales form.

Please see our Homepage for brand and payment information.

Teststripz, LLC is a fully incorporated business accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which holds us legally accountable to every seller.

Before completing your order, you will be asked to choose Business Check or PayPal as your preferred method of payment. We will release payment within 24 hours of receiving your shipment and send a confirmation email to notify you.

The current minimum expiration date is always listed in our terms and conditions, which you must agree to before completing a sales order.

No. We do not buy boxes that have been damaged or otherwise compromised.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the boxes are packaged carefully. If the boxes are damaged during shipment, we will notify you via email before shipping them back.

No. We do not accept International products.

No. We do not accept boxes obtained through Medicare or Medicaid.

No. Please leave this to us. We remove all pharmacy labels using a specialized method to avoid damage. You may mark over your personal information with a soft black magic marker if you’d like, but please do not remove the label yourself.

At this time we are focusing mainly on test strips and lancets, but we are always interested to explore new opportunities. Feel free to contact us with questions regarding other products!