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Is It Safe to Buy Glucose Test Strips in Vials?

Glucose test strips are very expensive. In terms of health, they’re also a necessity for anyone with diabetes. Accurate monitoring of diabetes is critical to avoid the dozens of health complications caused by the disease.

Many Americans have started to look for cheaper ways of obtaining test strips, lancets, and other supplies. While there are a number of online stores that sell diabetes supplies, most people have started looking to sites like Amazon and eBay.

While the FDA continues to restrict many products (Infusion sets, reservoirs, insulin, etc.) you can still purchase test strips and lancets through either site. If you’re looking for a good deal, but want a high level of quality assurance, I’d recommend Amazon.

You should buy from sellers who use Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). These Sellers are required to pay a certain amount per month to qualify for FBA. In turn, Amazon covers everything from managing inventory to customer service and returns. To find out if a Seller is FBA Certified, simply look on the right side of the screen. It should say the Sellers name followed by “Fulfilled by Amazon.” Think of it as a warranty.

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What makes eBay different? For one thing, it’s riskier… Anything I recommend is based on my opinion and should not be taken as Doctors advice. It’s simply my opinion from experience selling diabetes supplies using alternative markets.

Amazon provides a secure & affordable means of buying diabetes supplies. For even better potential deals, you may want to try eBay. Unlike Amazon, you’re always dealing directly with the seller. While eBay will step in and allow you to open a Case, it’s best to avoid that situation completely. Find a seller with at least 100 ratings of 98% or better.

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This is essential when you’re looking for the best deals, including recently expired boxes and vials of strips. In this blog I’m focusing on vials. If you’re buying vials, it’s safe to say that they were removed from a sealed box at some point.

I can only speak for our company, but when it comes to selling vials, we have a very strict policy… and we include it in the description on every auction. Essentially, vials are taken from boxes that were still sealed, but dented or torn. We remove the vials from the box and immediately pack them in bubble bags for protection.

As long you know the vials have never been opened, they’ll be just as accurate as those still in the box.

In conclusion, it’s a waste to simply throw away these test strips. You can buy vials for affordable prices and sometimes get great deals. Just be absolutely sure the vials have never been tampered with.

Here are some additional tips for finding great prices on test strips and other diabetes supplies:

Tips on finding affordable diabetes supplies

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