Sell your unused diabetes testing supplies, glucose test strips and lancets

Sell Your Diabetic Test Strips and Lancets

*Please note that we WILL NOT pay for boxes that are opened, damaged or soiled

ALL boxes must expire in or AFTERApr 2018

Sell your unused diabetic test strips and lancets for up to $50.00 per box. We accept all major brands including Accu-Chek, Bayer, Freestyle, One Touch and more. If you have extra, unneeded supplies on hand don’t let them go to waste! Teststripz, LLC has been in business for over five years and worked with thousands of diabetics across the country. We’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and over 100 positive reviews from satisfied sellers. Reselling diabetes supplies is 100% legal and provides a means for those without insurance to purchase quality supplies at affordable prices. We have a team on call 24/7, so please feel free to Contact Us any time!