Terms and Conditions for reselling your unused diabetes testing supplies




Millions of boxes of test strips and lancets are wasted every year in the United States alone. Our goal is to establish a channel that redirects these products back into the market at affordable prices. Our goal is to prevent waste. Please use the supplies you need and sell only what you do not.

Please read our terms carefully before selling your supplies. By choosing to sell with Teststripz, LLC you agree to be held by the following terms and conditions:

1. I am at least 18 years of age.

2. I am the rightful owner of the items being sold to Teststripz, LLC, or I have been granted legal permission to sell these items on behalf of the rightful owner.

3. I understand that all boxes sold to Teststripz, LLC must arrive unopened and undamaged. The term “damage” extends to any box that is crushed, bent, torn, stained or otherwise soiled.

4. Teststripz, LLC will remove any and all prescription labels before reselling my boxes. I understand that tears caused by the removal of labels are considered damage, and that such boxes will not be accepted by Teststripz, LLC.

5. It is my responsibility to ensure that my supplies are packaged carefully and securely. Teststripz, LLC will not accept boxes damaged during shipment.

6. Boxes with broken or missing seals are considered opened, and will not be accepted by Teststripz, LLC.

7. All items sold to Teststripz, LLC must have a minimum expiration date of May 2019 or later from the date of shipment. Teststripz, LLC will not accept boxes that expire before May 2019.

8. Teststripz, LLC does not purchase International boxes, or boxes obtained through Medicare or Medicaid.

9. Teststripz, LLC buys only the products listed on the company website: www.teststripz.com. Products not listed on the website will not be accepted.

10. I understand that I will not be paid for any boxes that do not meet the aforementioned conditions. I agree to allow Teststripz, LLC to donate such items on my behalf.

11. If products meet all of the aforementioned terms and conditions, Teststripz, LLC agrees to release payment in full within 24 hours of receiving my package.

12. I understand that the standard delivery time for Business Checks is three days, but may take as long as one week depending on USPS delivery speed.

13. The rates listed on this website apply only to individual sellers with extra supplies. I understand that orders exceeding $500.00 in value are considered “wholesale”, and that rates may vary for such orders.