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The Top 4 Reason Diabetics Have Extra Test Strips and Lancets

This question gets brought up a lot and it’s important to revisit and clarify. It’s one of the main questions we get asked. Why do people have extra test strips… especially if they’re prescribed? Before we discuss the Top 4 reasons there’s a few elephants in the room to be addressed.

Some people think that what we do is a scam or even illegal. It’s the logical question, which is why I’ve spent countless hours researching the question.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), reselling test strips is legal as long as a few policies are adhered to. If the boxes are damaged, expired, or recalled we don’t accept them. We don’t accept International boxes as stated in our FAQs. We also don’t purchase Medicare/Medicaid boxes. For information on who needs to register withe the FDA to sell test strips, click here.

*When discussing the legality of reselling test strips and lancets it’s vital to clarify a common misconception: Test Strips and Lancets fall into a category known as Durable Medical Equipment (DME) along with wheelchairs, canes, and similar medical devices. Click here for Medicare’s criteria on which devices qualify as DME.

We don’t resell drugs at We don’t buy or sell insulin for the same reason… Those are highly regulated drugs, substances, or medications and they fall under a much category than DME.

Then why are test strips and lancets prescribed?

Diabetes is a very complicated disease and it can lead to types of health complications. An Endocrinologist can help PWDs manage the disease. The Doctor can help determine how often they should test, which meter to use, etc. and these differ greatly by person. Not to mention that diabetes is a very general term that encompasses Type 1, Type 2, Type 1.5 (LADA), Gestational, Brittle diabetes and more.

You don’t need a prescription. Anyone can walk into a retail pharmacy and buy a box of strips. For the major brands they charge about $200 for 100 strips. Or $2 per test strip. So we provide an alternative.

Expired – Will Not Accept











Onto the main question…

Why do PWDs build up extra supplies that they may decide to sell?


  1. Boxes build up over time
  2. Switch to a New Meter or Brand
  3. Leftover boxes following Gestational diabetes
  4. Someone with diabetes passes away

They’re pretty straightforward and in every case, you can either throw them away or donate/resell them.

Does our business help the market? More importantly, does it help people with diabetes? Here are the two possible scenarios:

  1. People throw unused boxes of test strips in the trash. This helps no one.
  2. People sell those unused boxes and make some extra money. We add supplies to the market increasing competition and decreasing prices. And the end buyer can purchase test strips for reasonable prices.

We obviously can;t control whether or not people sell strips that they need. We’re not Big Brother and don’t want to be But if you need your supplies, we do not want them. Take care of yourself first. I can’t say this enough: our mission is to help people manage the disease through innovative thinking and new solutions, not fraud or greed. Here’s a letter from a recent customer that may explain it better.


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